Texas Global Group

Texas Global Group established its prestige operations in 2000 with its main office located in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Our Vision

To be the leading supplier of unique healthy food items. We chose for you high quality frozen and dried items as well as fresh produce of different brands directly to the doors of businesses and homes. Our mission is to achieve this by following our core key points: Unique Brand, Quality Assurance, Strategic Marketing, and Sustainability.

About Us

Our Mission

To produce and deliver high-quality food and provide the best insurance value for consumers.

Our Value

Our client’s time is the most preciouses and we are committed to delivering products accurately and punctually. We believe communication is the easiest way to stream line operations and process and gain outstanding results.

Our Vision

Consumers deserve good food from all over the world!

We believe

We believe that quality is an essential part of good nutrition. Most of us intuitively sense that eating can play a much greater role than the intake of nutrients. We invite yoy to an amazing journey of discovery to fully enjoy all tastes that the world offers.

The variety of the foods that nature gives us is huge. And we do our best to share with you very good products: fresh vegatables, rice, halal meat, all kinds of pickled products, dried fruits, souces and oil from all around the world.

Our Partners

Texas Global Group is known for its stringent standards and long standing expertise. Our solid partnerships with global brands are testament to this and we look forward to exciting relationships in the future.